Wedding Facts Around the Globe

  1. Find a spider in your wedding dress will bring good luck by the English
  2. .If you get married on Monday, traditionally in England, it stands for wealth, Tuesday for health, and Wednesday is the most popular and best day to wed.
  3. Greek culture believes that if the bride places a sugar cube into her glove is will sweeten their marriage.
  4. English folklore believes that Saturday is a day that is unlucky for getting married.
  5. Rain on your wedding day is supposed to bring you good luck.
  6. If you are being wed in Czech Republic, peas will be thrown at your wedding instead of rice.
  7. The first wedding dress was worn by Queen Victoria in 1840.
  8. A new fire was lit in the hearths of the newlyweds by the bride and grooms parents in South Africa throughout history.
  9. Talk about a break from the cooking. The bride’s family by custom in Egypt would do all the cooking for the week right after the wedding.
  10. A pearl engagement is shaped similar to a tear and is thought to bring bad luck.
  11. In the United States, seventeen tons of gold is used each year to produce wedding rings.
  12. In Egypt, if you are, the bride to be and you find yourself being pinched by Egyptian women; this is thought to bring you good luck.
  13. In Sweden, the bride to be places a gold coin from her mother in one shoe and a silver coin from her father in the other. This is supposed to make sure that their daughter never goes without.
  14. Prior to the wedding, in Morocco, the bride to be takes a bath in milk to purify herself.
  15. In the Middle East, brides to be paint henna on their feet and hands to ward off the evil eye.
  16. Engagement and wedding rings are worn on the left hand and on the fourth finger because during ancient times it was believed that a vein in the finger was directly attached to the hear.
  17. A pine tree is planted outside the home of newlywed in Holland as a sign of luck and fertility.
  18. The term “tie the Knot” originated in Roman times. The bride wore a girdle on her wedding day that was tied in knots. The groom of course had to untie the knots after the wedding.
  19. The wearing of a veil to ward off evil spirits for the bride dates back to ancient Greeks and Romans.
  20. June is one of the most popular months for weddings, the reason being the Roman goddess Juno is the ruler over the hearth, childbirth and marriage.
  21. One of the earliest engagement rings found throughout history was given to Princess Mary at the age of two. Princess Mary was the daughter of Henry VIII.
  22. Brides in Korea, where bright colors of yellow and red on their wedding day.
  23. Total confusion for evil spirits and others that do not know the tradition, in Denmark. The bride and groom wear one another’s clothing during the wedding ceremony.
  24. Something blue that brides wear is a sign of love, fidelity and purity.
  25. The groom carries the bride over the threshold to protect her from any evil spirits that may be hiding below