Common Questions About Renting Textbooks

If you are considering renting textbooks for college, you probably have plenty of questions. After all, renting textbooks is a relatively new practice. As such, you may not be familiar with how the process works. Luckily, the process is actually quite simple. Here’s a look at some of the most commonly asked questions regarding textbook rentals.

How Much Money Can I Save Renting Textbooks?

The amount of money you can save through textbook rental will vary according to the types of courses you are taking and the types of books you need. Most college students, however, find that they can save hundreds of dollars by renting books rather than purchasing them.

This is particularly true when comparing textbook rental to purchasing new books. In fact, renting textbooks generally costs 50 to 85 percent less than the list price. Although the savings is not as great when compared to purchasing a used textbook, you can still save quite a bit when you rent rather than buy.

How High is the Quality of Rental Textbooks?

Textbook rental companies only rent out books that are in new or like-new shape. In fact, most will gladly exchange your textbook if you are unhappy with the quality. Therefore, you don't have to worry about the textbook you rent having worn text, missing pages, missing covers, handwriting or excessive highlighting.

Can I Write in a Rental Textbook?

No textbook rental company will allow you to write in the textbooks, but most will allow you to do a limited amount of highlighting.

Are Rental Textbooks the Same as the Ones Sold at the College Bookstore?

When you rent a textbook, you can be certain you are receiving the same book as the one you would purchase at the college bookstore. This is because you perform your search with the textbook's ISBN number.

Therefore, you can be certain the text is identical to the one you would get at the store. If supplemental CDs, study guides or other materials are included with the textbook, however, these may not be included with the rental textbook.

How Do I Return Rental Textbooks When I am Finished With Them?

Returning your rental textbooks is an easy process. In fact, the textbook rental companies typically send a postage-paid box and label along with the book. When you are finished with the book, you simply place the book back in the box and drop it off in the mailbox.

Can I Keep My Textbook Longer Than the Rental Period?

Many textbook rental companies do have policies in place that allow you to extend the length of time you can keep the book. Many will even allow you to purchase the book if you decide that you want to keep it.

It is important to make these arrangements before the due date, however, as most textbook rental companies charge a substantial fee if the book is postmarked past its due date.